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Get insights you’ve never seen with the contact you require. Our extensive investigation suite conveys significant bits of knowledge into Keywords, Domains, Contacts, Industries, Geographic Areas and then some, all with perfectly clear visuals and fare capacities.

Marketing analytics permit you to constantly advance your marketing process to accomplish most extreme ROI. The most ideal way we’ve found to discuss marketing analytics is by associating it with the pervasive deals channel and the periods of the business cycle.

We know how busy you are. Give us a chance to serve up exceedingly qualified, deals prepared leads and investigation to your business group complete with multiple checks business contact data such as names, positions, messages, phone numbers and a great deal more.


See with certainty based intelligence which keywords perform in which geographies and industries to pinpoint your campaign targeting like never before.


Look at, complexity, wash and rehash. Heat maps and different representations give you the adaptability to get clever data at this moment to settle on the right choice.


With our native integrations, you can get our knowledge connected to and make a waterfall of qualified, intrigued leads. ZealInc is in your grasp and simpler than you ever envisioned.

Analytics Services

We furnish customers with arrangements from fundamental web reorting to coordinated execution dashboards to altered key arrangements in light of your business sector and clients.Comprehend your client adventure and measure key execution measurements over every stage. Utilize the client journey to illuminate your general marketing technique and trigger the right messages at the ideal time, as people advancement from stage to arrange.
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Focus On Investment

Distinguish which channels and campaigns convey the most income and most highest showcasing ROI so you can put your assets where they will have the most effect.

Share Progress

Easily make visual reports and dashboards using our intuitive, drag-and-drop interface or Marketing Analytics tools built for marketers like you.

Tie Revenue

Indicate how your marketing campaigns impact deals at each phase of the client venture. Presently you finally tie revenue specifically to the campaigns that create it.

Analytics On The Go

Keep your finger on the beat of your marketing campaigns, anyplace, at whatever time, with ZealInc Analytics Services. See what makes a difference the most.

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Huge information opens concealed open doors and bits of knowledge. ZealInc transforms innovation into business results by conveying data management, business intelligence and Analytic Solutions.
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We are focused on our customers achievement and anticipate the chance to locate the right group for your requirements.

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Organizations are progressively tested to obtain and hold clients and take care of the demand for personalization while managing benefit.

Marketing Analytics is the way toward measuring, overseeing and investigating marketing performance to expand its adequacy and improve rate of profitability (ROI). Gathering, coordinating, excusing and analyzing marketing data is extremely complex because of the immeasurable measures of marketing information in archives.

We empower superior marketing strategies that help you unequivocally track client setting and stay in front of the opposition and enhance your ROI.

Email Analytics

Social Analytics

Rearrange your social media reporting and increase intense knowledge from social data to inform smart business choices. View total or individual post details for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ content all in one spot, including snaps, reach and engagement.

Sales Analytics

We recognize, understand and foresee sales patterns and results while helping sales management. In particular, sales analytic frameworks give usefulness that supports revelation, diagnostic and prescient activities as part of an analytic or planning exercise.

Web Analytics

ZealInc interfaces into existing web analytics solution to give you more profound understanding into the personality of your site guests, transforming it into a B2B-important device. Recognize the organizations that are going to your site and see which pages they’re devouring.

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